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September 2011
I miss you abang, so much. / Monday, 19 September 2011 @ 20:38
It's difference without you around. We family miss you so much. It's really hurtful for us to hear your voice in the phone. We pretend to be ok. I miss how irratating you can be. I miss those time you always come on to my room with your silly joke. I miss you scolding me and adeq. Pls takecare abang. Your much misses. Lots of love. :(
/ Sunday, 18 September 2011 @ 01:37
Hi Faisal.
I guess I just have to do whats right for me. I know I've not been a good " someone " to you. I can't blame you if you really decided to leave me and move on.
I know from the start, I never treat you right. I can't deny that Im really regretting it. I dont want to be lying to myself all the time. Yes. You are all what a girl really yearn for. Im so upset with myself for not taking whats given.
I know I've hurt you lots of time and saying sorry wont make things alright. But Im already tired of chasing whats not given.
If you still hope to stay around, I would be pleased to.
But if saying goodbye and not replying my text messages is the answer now.
Its okay, may you find someone in your life soon.
/ @ 01:27
Hi there. / @ 01:24
All right. I have decided back to start blogging. Since, theres nothing much to do. Back again.
I can't recall any good things happening lately. Maybe part of it, its the memories me and Izyan spending quality time together like spending on food right after school almost everday.
Its fun actually being single, no doubt. But I can admit sometime I do miss having someone to be there.
Oh yes. I didnot expect much for my Hari Raye this year.
Looking through the pictures, Im so pestered with my hair for this raye.
I guess I really need a hair cut badly.
Another reason for it is, my brother. Sadly for this year raye on the 5th he had to flew to China.
Imagine someone your closes with, someone whom you share almost all secret when out of your life for almost 1month 2 weeks.
I miss abang so much. I can't deny. :(. I didnot even had the chance to send him to the aiport because of my N-level.
Hopefully he would be back home save. Insyallah.

Okay, theres some pictures uploded, taken when I went to Izyan open house and to Kak Ifah house with Younger sister, Najihah and Wan.
Sorry for the quality of the camera, its my phone camera. What do I expect then.
My nikon camera is not with me.
Guess thats all. Would update soon tomrrow.

Lots of love,
/ @ 00:57

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