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Nurul Fakhira. 16 This Year
Jurong Secondary School
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/ Sunday, 18 September 2011 @ 01:37
Hi Faisal.
I guess I just have to do whats right for me. I know I've not been a good " someone " to you. I can't blame you if you really decided to leave me and move on.
I know from the start, I never treat you right. I can't deny that Im really regretting it. I dont want to be lying to myself all the time. Yes. You are all what a girl really yearn for. Im so upset with myself for not taking whats given.
I know I've hurt you lots of time and saying sorry wont make things alright. But Im already tired of chasing whats not given.
If you still hope to stay around, I would be pleased to.
But if saying goodbye and not replying my text messages is the answer now.
Its okay, may you find someone in your life soon.
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